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Mercury Stations Direct: Horoscopes for This Week!

by Chani Nicholas June 30, 2014 08:20 PM EST
Mercury Stations Direct: Horoscopes for This Week! Getty Images

This week, Mercury stations direct (Tuesday) and the Sun opposes Pluto (Thursday/Friday). In short, it’s a week to pause as much as possible and keep our obsessive behaviors in check. 

Aries & Aries Rising

Perhaps we can learn to trust the set up, like completely trust that the stage has been set in the most appropriate way possible for us in this moment. We can relax into the lesson. 

And then amnesia sets in. 

This is how it goes with you this week. Moments of absolute embrace merged with the urge to take it all back and control every actor on the stage. But hear me when I say this: trust the mother f-ing process. And when I say “mother”, I mean it. Mother is the origin, the place we come from, the gateway from which we emerge. 

You are re-emerging.

But you can’t experience the rebirth if you refuse to let the process happen. Stop clinging to the past. It’s over. There is no energy there, but there is life here and now -- a tremendous amount of life, and it awaits you, patiently. 

Move your mind to the present. Motivate yourself to clear out the wreckage of your past. Forgive yourself for all the ways that you thought you were an imperfect child. Forgive your parents for being imperfect elders. Clean out the mental debris that rattles around distracting you from the plot line. Get down to what really matters. The rest is just jackass trickster hijinks. 

Taurus & Taurus Rising

There may be no way to avoid it. There may be no way to control yourself around it. There may be no way to keep silent about it. There may be no way to keep yourself from obsessing your ass off about it. 

So this is what I suggest: have people, groups and contained spaces where you can process. Places where there are solid agreements and sturdy containers to work through all your meshugas. 

Your mind may not be your friend this week. But you can find other friends. Therapy is a good friend. Meditation is a good friend. Art practice is a good friend. Dedicating your time and energy into your creative pursuits is a way to divert these extreme feelings so that the experience can serve you instead of just dismantling everything. 

Financial situations may start to sort themselves out in the coming weeks, but more likely so will your self-esteem. Whatever blow you’ve had in this department, it looks like things will start to right themselves where they felt so wrong.  

Gemini & Gemini Rising

I suggest that you get in the center, like in the center of the center of this storm. In the eye of the hurricane everything is calm -- so get some calm. It will do you no good to get all whipped up over little nothings. It will do you no good to get flustered, worried or easily ruffled. That’s not where the money is. 

Listen, let me lay this down for you; not every sign will get to experience their ruling planet in their sign turn retrograde or even directly in their lifetimes. Maybe I’m jealous. Maybe. Why, you ask?! Well let’s just say that this week you get the opportunity for a little thing we like to call self-realization. That opportunity is always open to us all, for sure. However, this week you get the opportunity in spades

But if you let yourself get all turned around by the outdated road signs and flat tires due to potholes the size of pools, you’ll waste a perfectly potent opportunity. So don’t. 

Demand that your energy stay with you and not wander too far into the worry zone. Command your mind to stay present, to focus and steady you. You can’t control what will happen but you can greatly influence the outcome if you remain centered in yourself. Not only that, but if you stay deeply connected to yourself, you won’t care as much about how everything else unfolds. When we know, down to our bones, that Grace is with us, we can stand a tremendous amount of life’s lessons. 

Cancer & Cancer Rising

Just stay with it. It’s not through with you yet. Stay with it and see if you can accept every single feeling that you have about it. No judgment. There’s information coming to you from way behind the scenes and it might take a moment to come to consciousness. 

The most tempting piece of this astrology for you will be to focus on what is wrong, what is in opposition to you and what you need to destroy, bury or kill off. The problem is that when we get rid of (or when we think we get rid of) an aspect of our lives that is displeasing to us, we might do so too soon and miss the most essential aspect of the lesson at hand. If this happens we will be forced to do the lesson over again.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have that kind of time. 

Stay with the tension that you are in with another, or many others. Unless it’s abusive, there's never any point to staying in that. But even if you are forced to leave the situation, stay with your process around it. 

You are on the precipice of understanding one of the densest walls you have around your heart. This lesson carries so much power that you are likely to refuse it completely. That’s how this works. The closer we get to our freedom, the more committed we need to be to the fight. Our internal gargoyles are terrifying and highly skilled at scaring us off from doing our deeper work. 

Refuse to be led astray. Steady your compassionate gaze on the monster in front of you and see if you can charm that sucker into submission. The trick is knowing which monster you are facing. 

Leo & Leo Rising

Much information still comes from behind the scenes -- sources like dreams, inklings, nightmares and eerily accurate feelings that come true (yes, you’re extra sensitive right now. Trust it). The information that you receive via your friendships and community interactions is equally intense, important and revelatory. 

This week is no joke. 

In fact, we are in the swing of two fairly heavy Moons, last week’s new Moon opposed Pluto, and the upcoming full Moon conjuncts Pluto. There isn’t a tremendous amount of levity in between the two. There is however a tremendous depth, healing, destruction, return, renewal, loss, and/or understanding that is tied to this cycle. In between the two, Mercury stations direct. Mercury’s station is always a time to dig deep into a momentary pause. 

Can you sit with your impulses long enough to understand where they originate? Especially as they pertain to the people in your social circles?

Not always. That’s okay too, and then you’re just stuck dealing with the situation in all of its fragments and projections. But that’s life, no? Just remember that you have a get out of jail free card in your back pocket. You have every right to peace out for an indefinite amount of time. You have every right to choose not to process every feeling that comes up with everyone. You have every right to go to a double feature and watch the drama play out on the big screen instead of your personal one. Take the time to do you. 

Virgo & Virgo Rising

Nothing is as good as when it’s good for everyone involved. Nothing is as satisfying as when creative intelligence wells up inside of us, spilling over, gushing past the limits of our container. 

It cannot be stopped. It cannot be claimed as your own. But it can be celebrated. 

Nothing is as good as when we share it. Yet, sharing our deepest calling may feel like the most terrifying thing we can do. Following our heart's greatest desire is akin to getting naked in front of our high school bully. But you are bigger than that situation now.

There is actually nothing left to fear beyond what it might mean that folks are actually picking up what you are putting down and the flack that it might bring. That’s the thing with popularity: you become the target for many mental arrows with poison tips and many drinks that could contain a little extra spice that is not so nice. I suggest some dodgeball sessions to get your agility back (and maybe pouring your own wine at the party). I don’t want you to be paranoid -- it’s just that there is an extra reason for you to be both the recipient of high praise and the receptacle of others' unprocessed anguish. 

Self-protection plus compassion for the struggles of others is key here. See everyone through the wide lens of perspective and care enough about your own self to move out of the way even if you don't understand why the thing is coming at you. 

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This is an important set up to have as you enter the week due to the fact that your ruling planet, Mercury, is changing directions (a very important moment) into your Tenth House of career. What I encourage you to be mindful of are all the ways in which you might let yourself get tripped up and mired in the drama of others instead of just getting down to what you need to do. 

There is a difference between being a good friend and being self-sabotaging and it can be very slight. The bottom line is that whatever your ultimate truth is, it will be best for everyone involved.

Libra & Libra Rising

Like a flood that you had no idea was welling in your basement, this week the waters rise up to the most visible places in your life. Whatever inklings have been slowly revealing themselves to you in your private moments will be bright as sunshine and as public as an exhibitionist at a Pride parade. 

In short, the planets are blowing you up. 

It happens. Exposure is 9/10ths of the way towards admitting that you have a problem. Whatever force or family member has been testing you is about to tip you over the edge. Spiritually speaking, they/it are only trying to help you do your work. I know, that sounds cruel, but most of us need to be dragged kicking, screaming and pulling hair before we are willing to get down to business.   

The good news is that you are primed to see things from another point of view right now, so this exposure may be arriving at precisely the right moment. This week feels in many ways like a tipping point, one that could be quite a relief or one that could lead to a total obsession that has the power to swallow you whole. 

Notice when you feel possessed and enmeshed, and take a healthy pause to help you gain perspective. 

Scorpio & Scorpio Rising

The only thing left to do sometimes is give up what we most think we need. If it’s ours, it refuses to let us go. If it’s not, it disintegrates like a dream upon awakening.

Whichever way the story unfolds, it’s best to look at it as a blessing, if at all possible. There is an energy brewing this week (and next) that is mind-bending to say the least. This is not such an easy entry into summer’s sweetness. This is a little more like a summer’s storm with this week unfolding with the eerie feeling before the storm hits.  

My hope is that some of the faith that has willfully inserted itself into your overarching beliefs this year can be of service in this week's astro weather.  

Storms are exciting, dramatic, life affirming, destructive and cleansing. Storms purge the funk from the atmosphere. They can leave us feeling awake, alive and renewed.

But we have to get through the wind and rain first. We need cover. We need to find a safe place. We need to be able to know when we are clinging to the antenna that is sure to get us struck by lighting. 

Sagittarius & Sagittarius Rising

I know that I have been on you about this lately, but this week it’s extra important to listen to those around you. However, it’s equally important for you to listen to yourself simultaneously. One ear in, one ear out. The folks you're intimate with are bound to pull a whole fountain of information out of you and offer up a little more than you may be able to swallow.

Falling in love, being in love, staying in love and wandering through the ogre-laden path of love takes an unflinching heart and a sincere desire to succeed in the ever elusive game of self-awareness via another. It’s enough to make you want to take a nap.

Breaks are good but pauses are easier to come by. Take as many as you need. This week they are free. This kind of astrology reminds us that there is absolutely no need to rush matters of the heart. Each one of us lives so completely within the confines of our own experience only to be brought out of our little circus once in a while -- this week is one of those times.    

See life from their point of view when you can. Consider detaching somewhat from the situation so that there may be some cognitive clarity and emotional sanitation.  

Capricorn & Capricorn Rising

I cannot heal you. It’s not my job, but it’s also not within my power. You heal you. Love heals you. Divine intervention heals you. To believe anything else is to believe my ego. I am not a savior (except to myself). I am not a saint. I am not all-powerful, but I align myself with the greatest source of power when I can remain humble enough to be teachable. 

I resist the urge to clobber people. Even though I may really want to.

I do not hurt others intentionally because I end up feeling it as much or more than they do. I don’t want to hurt unnecessarily; life is already full of enough jagged edges and open wounds. I step around yours carefully but not at the cost of my own life. 

I listen to my body -- its sensations, its pain and the whispers in its more spacious spaces. If something arises here, with my health, I know that I need to slow to a stop so that I have the chance to gather myself again. The worst thing that can happen to me is that I’m able to push past all of my physical limits. 

When I feel tired, I rest when and where I can. I trust the signals my health sends me.

Aquarius & Aquarius Rising

Listen to them. Your lovers. Your creations. Your children. Your erotic appetites. They are all telling you something very important this week. Mainly they are informing you in very direct or completely indirect ways about how to serve them so that they might serve you back. 

This is not about getting your every desire; this is about seeing what drives your every desire. This is not about wasting all your time on entertaining trifles; this is about seeing what meaning your partners are presenting to you. Sacred partnership requires us to burn our ego in the fire (and the fact) of our powerlessness over others. 

It’s not up to us who loves us, likes us or hates us.

Can you get to the place where you can love another regardless of how they feel about you? Can you get to the point where you aren’t fazed by anyone’s passing fancy or total contempt of you? Can you get to that ridiculously juicy spot where your overtly strong personality accepts the crushing weight of the cure to your suffering? 

Only a moment of trust is required of you to move from holding onto resentments or moving towards the healing waters of forgiveness you are so in need of. You just can’t get too far if you are gripping too tightly, and sometimes the only person you need to forgive is yourself. 

Let this week’s lessons seep into your wounds and saturate your soul.

Pisces & Pisces Rising

Our obsession with “happy” can get in the way of our ability to find meaning, healing and the truth. There is a very distinct difference between allowing happiness in and forcing it into being. The same goes for romantic affairs and creativity. Nothing here can be made to happen, we are the faithful servants of our joy if we have any intelligence at all. While you are still chewing on this material for the next couple of weeks, there is something brewing just a little below the surface, mainly at home. 

Pay special attention to any information that arises in relation to your family history. Sometimes we can work on something for what feels like a lifetime and then all of a sudden it integrates and we truly get it. We forgive. We are forgiven. We accept. We are accepted, or better yet we accept how others can or cannot accept us. It boils down to honoring the truth, whatever that is. Whatever arises, whatever mood, feeling or memory wants to take the stage, we may as well show up for it; we’ve already paid the price of admission, we may as well get a show.  

Remembering that everyone at home or in your family circle also has their own rhythm, their own way to work and be with their healing process. Give them the dignity of finding it. You might know things before they do, you might see it as it is coming while they are completely blind to the train barreling down the tracks. We can tell someone something once but anything beyond that is said to be manipulative. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I offer it to you to meditate on.


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