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Sheep and Pig

The Sheep and the Pig are similar in the most important ways, making for a smooth, loving and sensuous relationship that’s satisfying for both. The Pig is a great sensualist who loves reveling in the comforts of rich foods, lovemaking, even sleeping and bathing. The Sheep is no materialist — this sign is perfectly content to dwell within the richness of its own imaginings — but, especially when in love, has a sensual side that comes to the fore. In any type of relationship between these two, the Pig will admire the Sheep’s unique mind and creative intelligence. The Sheep will love the Pig for its generosity, its emotional constancy and its strong shoulder to lean on.

As lovers, these two make a great match. These are both emotional signs; in fact, the Sheep needs lots of love and admiration in order to maintain emotional equilibrium, and the Pig is just the sign to serve as the Sheep’s safe harbor. The Sheep can seem like a loner, but this reputation comes from the simple fact that this sign often finds it easier to keep its own, vibrant (mental) company than the unpredictable company of the real world. With the Pig, the Sheep will feel free to come out of hiding. The Pig is incredibly helpful and generous to a lover, since this sign considers close relationships to be of utmost importance.

As business partners, the Sheep and the Pig can develop a solid yet creative company. They will do best if they choose work that best utilizes the Sheep’s esoteric tastes and thought processes. The Sheep is also rather lucky in general, bringing a nice, happy magic to the business; however, this sign doesn’t have much of a head for practicalities, so finances may have to be the Pig’s domain. The Pig is a hard worker who follows direction easily; the Sheep will likely be the power behind this company.

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